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    Tuesday, June 11, 2019   /   by Ade Nastiti

    What to do in Ottawa for Father's Day

    On Sunday, June 16th celebrate fatherhood, paternal bonds, and all the father figures in your life with quality dad time. To help you plan ahead here is a list of things to do and see in Ottawa on Father's Day.

    Billings Estate National Historic Site - Vintage Car Show
    Check out the antique cars on display from local exhibitors and don’t miss out on viewing the Billings’ 1959 Cadillac Sedan de Ville! Enjoy a guided tour of the museum and explore our latest exhibition — City in Motion. Kids can take up our scavenger hunt challenge and our compass building activity is sure to be fun for the whole family! Cash BBQ and snacks will be available for purchase. Cost: $6.50 single; $10.75 pair; $17.25 family

    Cumberland Heritage Museum: Father's Day Heritage Workshops
    Treat the father figure in your life to a unique museum experience (or try your own hand at a new skill) with a heritage-inspired workshop. Workshop themes include woodworking, letterpress pri ...

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    Friday, June 07, 2019   /   by Ade Nastiti

    It's a Seller's Market and Homes are Selling Fast!

    It's time to let your home's value work for you!

    When was the last time you had a comprehensive market analysis performed on your home? Now that the real estate market is booming, many homeowners like you are wanting to sell what their home can sell for in today's market. If you have been thinking about selling, don't let this market pass you by. 

    Factors that influence market value:

    Supply & Demand
    Economic conditions
    Asking & Selling Prices of competing homes
    Your home's condition
    Buyers perception of Your Home

    Factors with little to no influence on market value:

    The price the seller paid for the home
    The Seller's expected return on equity
    The amount spent on improvements

    Looking for your next house? 
    We can help you find, compare and make an offer on your next home

    Looking to sell your house? 
    We can help you value, market and sell your home

    Contact us to receive a FREE Home Marketing Kit. 

    For ...

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    Thursday, May 02, 2019   /   by Ade Nastiti

    Local Business We Love: Farang Thai Ottawa by Cam & Corinne Fraser

    Meet Cam and Corinne Fraser, the proud owners of Farang Thai. 
    1. What do you love the most about your job? 
    It's deeply rewarding to hear positive feedback about our Thai food. We experiment a lot, and we try to bring dishes to our clients that you can't get in restaurants here, for whatever reason. Hearing that an obscure dish, from a small village known for making this one thing for hundreds of years, is delicious isn't just a great feeling because it's delicious, it feels great to know we've preserved that dish for a little longer and shown it to people who would probably never have had the chance to try it. That being said, we do offer more common dishes as well and really enjoy making people happy with all the food that we offer!

    2. Where can we find you on a) weekdays b) weekends
    We both work full-time jobs aside from making Thai food so our schedules can be hectic (weekdays are tough for us when clients ask for lunch service or a big event mid-week), but we've ...

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    Friday, April 26, 2019   /   by Marc Papineau

    Five-Star Location for Investors: Amazing Investment Opportunities

    Location, location, location. This prime property rule still stands true today. The location of your investment property will determine how much you can rent it for, what you can expect for an occupancy rate and what kind of tenants you attract. Curious about what makes Wellington West and Hintonburg so desirable to investors? Find out for yourself at our newest listings in Hinton Avenue & Spadina Avenue, click the link below for more details: 

    208 Hinton Avenue & 124 Spadina Avenue

    If you'd like any information on any of our upcoming Investment Property projects, please email marc@dreamlivingott.ca or call 613 884 8960. 

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    Thursday, April 18, 2019   /   by Julie Patterson

    Ballin' on a Budget by Julie Patterson | Part #1: Living Room Makeover

    I feel as though everyone has at one point dreamed about buying a fixer-upper property and make it into their dream house or selling it to make big money. That was my dream. I spent nine months of house shopping before I found my not-so-perfect home. It had everything I hated starting with parquet flooring, reminding me of every apartment I lived in during college. That didn’t stop me. I strongly suggest if you are a first-time home-buyer not spending all your money on fancy furniture and upgrades unless, of course, you can afford it. If you are anything like me, my bank wasn’t stacked after purchasing my home. Therefore, I had to be crafty about upgrading my home.
    Now a little background about me. I am not handy. Yes, my dad is handy, but he doesn’t live close. As things turn out, I am a good delegator. I did it all on a budget. I got my family and friends together to work for pizza & beer. We even had fun doing it. 
    Let's start with the living room. ...

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